About us

PROCO is a professional real estate investment consulting firm operating in Azerbaijan. We provide consulting and legal services to foreign investors interested in premium real estate projects in our country. PROCO services also cover property management.

Our investment consulting services are designed to guide clients through the real estate investment process in Azerbaijan. Initially, we provide consultations on the specific characteristics of the premium real estate market in Azerbaijan and identify current investment opportunities based on their requirements and expectations. In addition, to safeguard our clients against investment risks, we provide them with real estate valuation services with the PROCO Guarantee.


PROCO prioritizes insuring its foreign clients against not only investment but also legal risks. To achieve this goal, we also offer our clients services related to Azerbaijani Real Estate and Civil Law. At the same time, PROCO also offers property management services to foreign investors in the Republic of Azerbaijan. However, it’s important to note that we exclusively provide property management services to clients who have invested in premium real estate projects through PROCO.

If you are interested in or planning real estate investments in premium projects in Baku, Azerbaijan, PROCO is the right address for you. We would be delighted to share our expertise and experience with you.


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Real Estate Property Investment in Baku Azerbaijan Manager

Siraj Sultanli

CEO & Founder

Investment Consulting in Baku Azerbaijan Team Mr Salman

Salman Almokhlef


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Zahra Rasul

Real Estate Attorney

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Elchin Najafov

Finance Manager