Legal Services

At PROCO, providing legal services in the field of Real Estate Law is one of our primary offerings to foreign clients planning to invest in the real estate market of Baku, Azerbaijan. Our professional real estate lawyers assist clients throughout the real estate investment process in the Republic of Azerbaijan, handling any related legal disputes as well.

The primary responsibility of our real estate lawyers is to conduct legal examinations of real estate documents for properties that foreign investors plan to purchase. Additionally, they safeguard our clients’ rights during the investment process and facilitate the formalization of real estate ownership in the names of our clients.


Like in any country, in Azerbaijan also, legal services are essential during the investment process. Legal services play an important role in safeguarding your rights and ensuring a successful investment free from any legal risks that may occur. Therefore, our real estate lawyers prioritize ensuring the rights of foreigners investing in Azerbaijan in the most professional manner.

So, if you are considering investing in real estate in the Republic of Azerbaijan, PROCO would be pleased to offer both consulting and legal services. Our investment consultants will guide you in leveraging the most optimal investment opportunities, while our PROCO real estate lawyers will support you throughout the investment process, minimizing legal risks.