Investment Guide – Purchasing Apartment in Baku White City

Baku White City Project is one of the largest real estate projects of our country and region. The foundation of the Baku White City Project was laid in 2012 and a large part of it has already been completed. The project includes multi-apartment residential buildings, business centers, shopping centers. Residents have already started living in almost all the completed parts of the project, and brand shops and catering facilities are operating. It should be noted that in the Baku White City Project, along with locals, there has been a sharp increase in the number of foreigners buying real estate, especially apartments, especially in the last two years.

Considerations When Planning to Buy an Apartment in Baku White City Project

As we mentioned above, the foundation of the Baku White City Project was laid in 2012. The initial stage of the project – that is, construction of numerous buildings and business centers from about 30,000 apartments has been completed, and already all kinds of infrastructure for the residents of the project have been completed, and people have started living here. Despite the fact that the first phase of the project has just been completed, 90% of the apartments built under the project have already been sold. It is true that, naturally, most of the buyers are locals, but especially in recent years, we are witnessing the serious interest of foreign investors in the Baku White City Project. In particular, we are witnessing investors from Arab countries, Russia, Turkey and a number of western countries actively participating in the investment process and buying apartments in White City.

Reasons to buy an apartment in Baku White City?

There are various reasons that encourage investors to buy apartments in Baku White City, we can list a few of them:

  • The Baku White City Project stands out for its unique architecture, city planning taking into account the highest requirements, and for the residents living here, it creates the impression of a completely new city within Baku.
  • Everything important for the living and comfort of the residents has been thought out in Baku White City. Apart from residential buildings built to the highest standards for your convenience, there are also business centers, hotels, shopping malls, parks, schools and everything you can think of.
  • Baku White City is ambitious to be the economic center of Baku. With its architecture and architecture, planning, location and audience, Baku White City will become the main economically active central part of Baku in the coming years. We are gradually witnessing this process. This makes both those who want to live here and those who want to evaluate the current economic prospects think about buying an apartment in White City.
  • Investment in Baku White City is very promising and profitable. Thus, high and growing demand, at the same time, economic prospects lead to a constant increase in the value of apartments in the complexes of the Baku White City Project. We especially witness an average annual price increase of 20% in recent years, which exceeds expectations for real estate investment.
  • We offer interest-free installment payments to both locals and foreigners on many projects. Yes, you can buy an apartment in the Baku White City Project by making an initial payment and pay the rest of the price of the apartment you bought in a few years without any interest.
Buying apartment in Baku White City

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